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Installation and upgrade

Custom menu is available from the app store.

Version Nextcloud PHP Other
3.x >= 25 PHP >= 8.0 App theming enabled
2.x < 25 PHP >= 7.1 App theming enabled
cd /path/to/nextcloud
php occ app:install side_menu

If you want to install it from source, go to and copy the link to the last release (side_menu_vX.Y.Z.tar.gz). Then:

cd /path/to/nextcloud/apps
curl -sS | tar xvfz -

Administrators can edit many settings using the administration page.

Users can disable the menu using the page of personal settings.

Use first top menu app as default app

You can easily let Custom Menu redirect to the first app in the top menu by changing the following parameter in your config/config.php:

'defaultapp' => 'side_menu',

If the top menu is empty then it redirects to files.